Norwegian - polish

An instrument for developing Norwegian and Polish interest

Our target

We would like to be an active partner in selected projects based in Norwegian Grants 2014-2021,
which creates a win/win situation for Norwegian and Polish participants.

We are focused on






Why Norwegian Polish Foundation

We are new, non-profit organisation founded to improve and develop cooperation between Poland and Norway.

The founders are Norwegian and Polish professionals.

We have the necessary relationship with Polish and Norwegian authorities, universities and companies.

We have more than 25 years practical experience in different companies regarding management and financing.

We are located in Cracow - old polish city with great history.

We are well organized, focused and effective.

We create the bridge between Polish and Norwegian people.

Our key contacts

Polish Universities

University of Science and Technology

The School of Banking and Managment in Cracow

Jagiellonian University

Polish Academy of Sciences

University of Economics

Other areas

International Research Institute of Stavanger

Innovation Norway


Law and Tax

Who are our founders

We are professionals with 20+ years experience in cooperation with Polish and Norwegian companies.
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Arild Skaaland

Senior professional with 25+ years experience in Norwegian Companies.

Strong management skills (CEO, Supervisory boards, Chairman of the board).

International Business experience.

Connected with Innovation Norway and Norwegian Embassy.
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Konrad Kosierkiewicz

Senior professional with 20+ years experience in fund management, financial institutions, supervisory boards and financial management in Poland.

Interest and involvement in developing social enterprises committed to market-based solutions to sustainable development problems in Poland.

Co-creator of 5 international patent announcements.

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